terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

just writingthinkingfeeling

What happens to our kids today? Oh, sorry, I said kids, but I wanted to say students, teachers, politicians, salespersons, mothers, fathers, thieves.... all kinds of our nature. Nature? Whatever is being said here, it doesn't really make any difference., just transitory categories, randomic taxonomy... bullshit... Oh, I said "said"? Wasn't it an experience of writing? welcome to the desert of the real... Desert? Real? What is going on? The words, even concepts... are you there? Is there anybody out there... still reading? Wanna work with me? Most people don't want to think... they want thoughts, already done... just perfect and absolut. They don't want to feel either, especially when feeling is a radical experience with the body. What the F***K is happening in this world? What if nothing happens, or if nothing is about to happen? Forget the IF... it is of no help at all.

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