terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

footsteps of the multitude: a dance

Description #1: One step after the other, left, right, left, right. One guides the other, left, right, left, right, one follows the other. Where do they take us? Left, right, left, right, all of a sudden... Stop! And then the wall falls down. Incredible! End of movement or opening to a new mode? End of ideologies of left or right? Who dares to perform the first step? And with which foot, left or right? You can also choose neither one of them.

Description #2: While dancing the artist doesn’t have the perception of the lines drew by his body. The whole extension of his body is out of perception. One body among others, without a face, but always with a recognizable trace, that allows easy tracking. Following the animal that Deleuze presents to illustrate the Society of Control, which are in the process of replacing Disciplinary Societies: the serpent on the desert, with coils modeling its body Vs. the mole at the burrow. Through the open horizons of nowadays, we dance, with coils modulating our wannabe-free bodies.

(NO) Description #_: We are talking about dancing here. After the globalization process advanced, it became easier to realize how immanent the whole world is. The old patterns that used to define the concept of frontiers as a limit of no trespassing at all had been severally damaged and replaced by the concept of frontiers that the nomads that fought against the old emperors used: a frontier is an invitation to trespass its own limits. We can be listening to the same songs, the songs that made famous the globalization, but we are insisting in dance in an unusual mode, at a brand new cartography. Welcome aboard through the singularities of the multitude!

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